How to carry out pelvic muscle function training?

What is the pelvic bottom muscle? do you know? Potted muscles, i.e., the pelvic floor, refers to the muscle group of the pelvic bottom. Xiaobian, is I doing very much? But what happens in it? The pelvic muscle group is like a "hanging net", urethra, bladder, vaginal, uterus, rectum, etc., is tightly lifted by this "net" to maintain its function. If this net is relaxed, there is a problem. How to make the pelvic floor muscle function training?

Bottom Muscle Training Method: 1) Mass position: sitting position, station, lying position 2) Continue part: shrink and clamp the anus and urinary tract mouth (female urethra, vaginal mouth), just like to stand the size. 3) Duration: Continue and relax muscles Maintain 5 ~ 10 seconds 4) Training: at least 5 times a day, 5-10 reincarnation each time. In the early days, the practice will be gradually increased to 10 times a day. 5) Practice: Sitting in the knee, thinking about sitting up;

Deliberately shrink the mint, work hard to 10 seconds;

It is getting more than contraction, and the number is not yet;

12345678910, restore to sit as close attention to the waist;

Let’s practice more, let’s take a rest.

6) Notes: 1 Pelvic bottom muscle movement is not the abdomen contraction, so when doing exercise, please touch the abdomen, the abdomen has no obvious undulation, vibration, your contracting exercise is correct. 2 I feel shrunk by your fingers: You can also use a finger into the anus or vaginal mouth to feel the contraction, your finger feels tightened to relax, then your method is correct. 3 Continue with the simultaneous breathing (not yet tightening); not affected and restrictions on time, place, posture, can do anytime, anywhere. 4 Continue to train for 3 months to six months, will see the effect, and long-term persistence is better.

The method is not a lot! Don’t worship Xiaobian, I just serve you, what is the problem? Although I ask for questions to Xiaobian, I must do my best to solve the problem for you, don’t be polite with me. Be sure to see the precautions and training methods I mentioned above when doing pelvic floor muscle function training. Parents must cheer!

After giving birth, the female friend will have some abnormal phenomena, and the effect of pelvic muscles for life is still very large. The pelvic bottom muscle abnormally affects the harmony between sexual life between husband and wife. This for women The stimulation is particularly large, then how do women potted in muscle functional disorders exercise? What is the cause of pelvic on myassia? Let’s take a look at what the experts say.

How to exercise the bottom muscle? What are the symptoms of the pelvic inlet muscle dysfunction?

1, repeated urinary infection such as urinary urgency, etc .;

2, sexual life is dissatisfied;

3, common symptoms have vaginal relaxation;

4, pressure urinary incontinence, such as cough, laugh, etc. When it increases abdominal pressure, the urine is not overflowing when it is in force.Now more and more people are more concerned about their body, so many people will exercise frequently, then today Xiaobian teaches everyone to train the low muscle method, but you should know what location, In this way, you can make you effective when training, and the benefit of training the pelvic muscles is to help you improve the basin, so hurry up!

I want to know what is the easiest way in which my pelvic floor muscles is to go to the toilet, I feel the position of the muscles of the body, and firmly remember the tight feelings.

The first section includes three sets of exercises, first, quickly shrink, relax the pelvic floor muscles, last for 10 seconds, continuously do 3 sets, each set of 10 seconds. Then,

New research shows that doing yoga can help pelvic bottom muscles, which can improve pelvic health, helping women better control their bladder, American researchers found that it can also prevent accidental urine leakage, many production The latter women will have the phenomenon of pelvic muscles, in order to recover and avoid, doing yoga will be a better way, then Xiaobian will introduce some methods about yoga repair pots.

"Yoga is usually able to enhance ideology, relax, relieve anxiety and pressure," Assistant Professor of the Assistant of San Francisco Medical College, University of California, said: "For these reasons, yoga is also used In the treatment of various other diseases, such as metabolic syndrome or pain, we also have reason to believe

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