ICBC credit card how to activate

ICBC credit cards are not activated, which is not used, which is equivalent to a shutdown mobile phone card, without any use.Therefore, after getting the ICBC credit card, the user must activate it to use.How to activate ICBC credit card?DMOZ.LIFE Credit Card Xiaobian is briefly introduced to the method:

Method 1: The user holds the card ID (ID card, military officer card, etc.) to the bank counter to activate the credit card.

Method 2: You can activate your credit card by making a call.The ICET is: 95588.

Method 3: If the user has already registered a personal online bank, you can log in to your personal online banking to activate the credit card.The specific steps are: Log in to personal online banking & rarr; credit card service & rarr; apply for credit card & rar; query application progress.

The above is the DMOZ.Life Credit Card Xiaobian for the ICBC credit card, how to activate the information, more knowledge details Click to enter "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "

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