What are the roles of glassˋ Cleaning and maintenance of glass

What are the roles of glass? Cleaning and maintenance of glass

Introduction and role of glass

Glass is a well-known semi-solid, semi-liquid substance, and a silicate non-metallic data that gradually increases and hardened during the cooling process. The composition of general glass chemical oxides is silica. A wide range of applications, which are used to pass through the wind, and attributed to the mixture. There is also an oxide mixed into certain metals or a saline, which exhibits colored colored glass, and tempered glass obtained by a special method. Sometimes some of the bright plastics (such as polymethyl methacrylate) are also referred to as organic glasses.

Cleaning and maintenance of glass

1, usually do not use force to bump glass surface, scratch the glass surface, preferably to the tablecloth. When she holds something on the glass furniture, they should be gently put it, don’t bump.

2, when cleaning daily, scrubborn with a wet towel or newspaper, if you have a smear, you can use a towel to remove beer or warm vinegar, other can also use the glass cleaning agent sold in the market, avoid acid Stronger solution is cleaned. Winter glass appearance is easy to create, can be rubbed with cloth and brine or white wine, and it is very good.

3, the glass furniture is best placed in a more fixed local, do not move back and forth casually; to place the object smoothly, heavy objects should be placed at the bottom of the glass furniture, avoiding the focus of the furniture and unstable formation. Others, to avoid moist, away from the stove, to block chemical reagents such as acid, alkali, avoid corrosion transformation.

4, once the figure is dirty, once dirty, use a toothbrush with a detergent, can be removed in the pattern. In addition, it is possible to drip napper oil on the glass or coated with a gum and plaster powder to dry it, and then use clean cloth or cotton, so that the glass is cleaned and bright.

5. The wet cloth that uses plastic wrap and spraying detergent can also make it often covered with oil. First, put the glass in full spraying the cleaner, and put the plastic wrap, so that the condensed oil stain is softened, after ten minutes, tear the plastic film, and then scrub it with a wet cloth. If you want to stick to the glass light, it is necessary to do it often. If you have a handwriting on the glass, you can use the rubber soaking conflict, then wipe it with a wet cloth; if there is a paint, you can use cotton Glass can make it as crystal.

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